8 plugins to improve WordPress security

The article discusses the eight best plugins for improving WordPress security, many of which have both a free and a paid version with advanced features to protect against the most common threats

About a third of websites (37%) run on WordPress, which makes this content management system the most popular in the world. WordPress is used everywhere, from blogs to online stores that collect and process information in accordance with standards like PCI DSS. Although popularity has a positive effect on the development of WordPress, but at the same time makes this system a priority target for various kinds of attackers, because if a vulnerability is found, many sites become available at once. In addition, plugins and templates further expand the possibilities for attack.

This article discusses the eight best plugins for improving WordPress security, many of which have both a free and a paid version with advanced features to protect against the most common threats. However, even if you use the free versions, you will seriously improve the security of your site.

  1. WordFence

WordFence is one of the most popular plugins for protecting WordPress–based websites, where many functions are available for both protection and recovery after successful attacks, such as:

Protection against the use of passwords available due to data leakage.

Real-time traffic monitoring and analysis.

Automatic blocking of suspicious/malicious traffic and known malicious IP addresses.

Two-factor authentication to protect against attacks where compromised passwords are used.

Source code monitoring to identify and roll back malicious edits after an attack.

WordFence also has a premium version where real-time IP address updates, firewall rules, and malware signatures are available. In addition, owners of the paid version have access to extended support and services to check the reputation of websites.

  1. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a security enhancement plugin with many different features in both the free and premium versions. The following features are available in the free version:

Malware scanner.

Built-in firewall.

Database protection and automatic backups.

Security during authorization and monitoring.

One-click setup.

HTTP protocol security and error tracking.

The extended version has additional functions related to the security of the source codes and the site database.

  1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is a free plugin developed by Sucuri, a security and audit company. The following functions are available in this plugin:

Monitoring of lock lists.

File integrity monitoring.


A set of measures for recovery after a successful attack.

Remote scanning of malware.

Security audit.

Strengthening the security of the site.

In addition to the above functions in the free version, Sucuri offers a firewall for the site as part of extended support. Also on the company’s website you can find a lot of useful information regarding the security of your site.

  1. iThemes Security (formerly called Better WP Security)

iThemes Security is a plugin with more than 30 different functions to improve the security of the site. The following is available in the free version:

Error detection 404.

Blocking bots.

Protection against brute force.

A backup copy of the database.

Email alerts.

Detecting changes in files.

Hiding addresses for authorization and admin panel.

Using strong passwords.

Locking the control panel during non-working hours.

The expanded version has additional features, including support for two-factor authentication, password expiration, and user activity tracking. These features make it much easier to detect and respond to compromised WordPress accounts.

  1. SecuPress

SecuPress is notable for its user interface. The following features are available in the free version:

Protection against brute force.

Disabling XML-RPC.

Blocking bots and IP addresses.


Moving the authorization page.

Tracking user activity.

The paid version has a built-in scheduler, which is useful for those who do not have time to perform tasks manually. In addition to automation, there are the following functions:

Backup of the database and files.

Geolocation-based blocking.

Scanning malware in PHP.

Two-factor authentication.

Download SecuPress

  1. All in One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WP Security & Firewall is another plugin that has a free and extended version. All functions are divided into twelve categories:

Security of user accounts.

Security of user authorization.

Security of user registration.

Database security.

File system security.

Backup and restore htaccess files and wp-config.php .

Blocking lists.


Protection against brute force.

Security scanner.

Spam protection in comments.

Copy protection of the site text.

Each of the above categories contains different functions. As usual, there are much more features in the paid and advanced versions.

  1. Malcare Security

Malcare Security positions itself as the simplest security plugin. It is claimed that all the settings can be done in a minute.

In addition to easy installation, this paid plugin has several useful features, including:

Automatic removal of malware.

Protection against bruteforce.

Built-in firewall.

Authorization protection using captcha.

Email notifications.

Tracking changes in files.

Remote scanning of malware.

Support services.

Strengthening WordPress security.

  1. Defender

Defender is a plugin used in the WPMU Dev platform, in which the following functions are available:

Protection against brute force.

Blocking IP addresses.

Two-factor authentication.

Scan the main files in WordPress.

The extended version of the plugin is available in the paid subscription of the WPMU DEV platform. In addition to additional functions, the subscription gives access to other premium plugins.