What should I use to prevent spyware infection?

The answer is simple – use antiviruses. It is advisable to use those that scan the links you are viewing and track performance problems with the iPhone.

In addition, Apple will soon have a new feature called Lockdown Mode, which can significantly spoil the lives of spies and hackers.

When starting Lockdown Mode includes the following security features:

In the Messages application, the preview of links and attachments in messages (except images) is disabled;

Incoming FaceTime calls from new users are blocked. Incoming invitations in other services from users with whom there was no previous contact are also blocked;

JavaScript JIT compilation is disabled. Individual sites can be added to trusted sites to ignore restrictions;

Shared albums in the Photos app are deleted, invitations to new shared albums are blocked;

The wired connection to other devices and accessories is interrupted while the device is locked;

Installation of configuration profiles is prohibited;

The device cannot register in the Mobile Device Management System (MDM)

The feature will be released as part of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.